Friday, September 4, 2015

Pictures / Images of MMMC


okay, hari ni aku just nk post something
yg berfaedah skit...
iaitu gmbr2 kolej aku...

i know, many of you people out there
(who wants to enter this college)
mesti akan google dulu and survey2
about this college right ?

and like me also,
i was really hoping that i can find pictures
of the college, the hostel and stuff.
but sadly,
its hard to find those kind of pics in google.
coz no one post em' in the blogs.. -_-

so that is why,
aku terdetik utk post some few pics
of my college and hostel...

so yeah, enjoy.... ^_^

Melaka Manipal Medical College

Main office

perjalanan utk ke kelas..

lecture class

lecture class



computer lab

my favourite vending machine. hihi
mcm2 jenis makanan + minuman yg ade ! :-*

sport complex

sport complex


science lab

main hall

dental block (9th floor)

one of the classes in the dental block
(tmpat kitaorg jwb exam dulu. but skrg exam jwb dkat main hall)

dental clinic at the dental block

And now, few pics in the girl's hostel and of coz, my room :

this is the pics of my empty room :

and, bawah ni pulak gmbr2 bilik aku yg tak empty. hihi
di sini lah aku spend most of my time..
my favourite room.. :) selama 1 tahun stengah ia berjasa padaku..

my room sweet room... F413 :')


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